Sathish Kumar Shanmugam
Accreditation PT(Resident) | MPT (Neuro), PGDOWM
Primary Specialty Physiotherapy

Sathish Kumar Shanmugam completed his Bachelor of physiotherapy from MTPG&RIHS, Pondicherry University, India in the year 2011. Sathish has worked for 7 years in a reputed Special school, handling children with special needs, and other neuro-rehabilitation clients. He also has a PG diploma in Obesity and weight management from Tamil Nadu sports University and also gained his Masters in Physiotherapy in Neurology from Dr.M.G.R. Medical University in 2017. Sathish has a wide range of experience in handling, Musculoskeletal, Sports injuries, paediatric and adult Neuro-rehabilitation clients. Sathish received his Resident Physiotherapy license in Canada in May 2021.

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We cure rehab provides you dedicated Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, foot care, and chiropody care for our clients in the durham region. Our clinic is located at Unit 201, 111 Simcoe St. in Oshawa. All of our staff are experienced, qualified and licensed.

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