To open a Physiotherapy clinics in future just by focusing on Geriatric conditions like Parkinson’s disease and other neurologic conditions like stroke. To take the Physiotherapy clinics to the next level from focusing on musculoskeletal conditions and sport injuries to focus on the Geriatric as well as other neurological conditions too. 


To provide the quality and competitive Physiotherapy rehabilitation to the Parkinson’s disease patients and increase their life span as well as quality of life by treating them with the proper exercises and Physiotherapy rehabilitation.

When all the Physio clinics are focusing on Musculoskeletal and sport injuries, We Cure Rehab wanted to focus also on the Rehabilitation of Geriatric conditions like Parkinson’s disease, and neurological conditions like Stroke. We Cure Rehab will be focusing on group and individual sessions to improve the social life, providing psychological support and offering the quality and compassionate treatment to the geriatric community. Of course, the improvements and satisfaction level after the Physio treatment in very few visits on Neurological conditions may be less when comparing musculoskeletal and sport injuries but it gives a great satisfaction and offer rejuvenate the life of many individuals. The Geriatric population is neglected by the Physiotherapy clinics. We Cure Rehab wanted to fill the gap and wanted to give importance to the geriatric population too. We Cure Rehab committed on the patients care and their wellness.

WE CURE REHAB Parkinson’s Disease exercise Program consists of:

1. Upper limb strengthening exercises
2. Lower Limb strengthening exercises
3. Sitting balance exercises
4. Standing – Static balance exercises
5. Standing – Dynamic balance exercises
6. Core stability and spinal extensor strengthening exercises
7. Posture corrections
8. Breathing exercises
9. Cueing techniques
10. Gait training
11. Falls prevention Exercises and Strategies
12. Adoptive devices and it’s great helps in Parkinson’s disease
13. Education


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