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Orthotics is a prescription medical device that you wear inside your shoes to correct the biomechanical foot issues. They can also help with foot pain caused by medical conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis.

Are you having foot or heel pain?

You may need to consider getting orthotics to help relieving the pain.  The first thing you should know is an orthotic is a shoe inserts that support the foot and prevents the abnormal movement of a foot.

orthopedic insole with female leg

We cure Rehab assures the quality of care and provides our patients with innovative, comprehensive and client centric rehabilitation treatments. We pride ourselves in providing multidisciplinary health care professionals to assist our patients regain their pain free quality life.

Main functions of the Orthotics​

Custom Orthotics

We do the custom orthotics for our patient for following conditions.

What is the Process?

You will see our Chiropodist, who specializes in conditions of the feet, if you’re experiencing significant issues as mentioned above. They’ll first ask about your symptoms and the Chiropodist will conduct a physical exam of your feet. He will look for deformities and areas that are especially painful.

Chiropodist may ask you to walk and perform some movements in your foot and ankle to diagnose the issues. He may even have special imaging or pads where you walk. These images will show how and where your feet strike the ground and can help determine the exact location and type of problems in the structure and function of your feet.

He may also recommend traditional imaging such as X-ray, bone scan, or MRI. This can help him to identify the areas of arthritis, damage, or injury.

Chiropodist will take all of these diagnostic methods into consideration while making treatment recommendations, including to potentially prescribing orthotics.

Ideally, orthotics and other treatments can help a person avoid more invasive treatments, such as surgery.

Most of the extended health care plans cover custom-made Orthotics

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